Accelerate lead generation and sales conversion.

Strengthen client relationships and service delivery.

Drive marketing and program innovation.

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Generate Leads


Generate Online Leads

Run social media and online ads that drive assessment requests or allow prospects to instantly complete assessments.

Re-Engage Prior Leads & Members

Revive your prospect list and former member databse by sending assessment invitations to rekindle interest.

Up-Sell Current Members

Post assessment QR codes in your facility and send invitations by email so you can up-sell programs and services.

Convert Website Traffic

Use assessments as incentive for website visitor lead form completion and consultation appointment scheduling.

Prospect at Live Events

Engage prospects at in-person events such as health fairs and open houses using mobile friendly assessments to book appointments.

Close Consultations


Increase Consult Show Rates

Invite prospects to take assessments prior to in-person, phone or video consults so you can customize your sales presentations.

Personalize Initial Sales Consults

Use assessment results as incentive for prospects to book and attend in-person, virtual or phone consultations.

Improve Facility Tour Relevance

More accurately relate facility features and benefits to prospect assessment results and expressed needs.

Better Support Proposed Plans

Use assessment results to support the recommendation of services, plans and products that are best suited to prospects.

Deliver More Effective Follow-Up

Reference Inciteful reports and diagnostics in follow-up to increase prospect urgency to act, demonstrate your ability to help and prompt purchase.

Renew Clients


Enhance Initial Client Evaluations

Broaden the scope of your paid or complimentary new client evaluations to include lifestyle factors, eating patterns, weight history and much more.

Standardize Client Onboarding

Capture consistent data across all new clients and use individual profiles to better help clients achieve their goals while improving retention.

Schedule Ongoing Evaluations

Invite current clients to take regular assessments so that you can review progress, update needs and goals, and re-open conversations that lead to upselling and renewals.

Bundle with Plans & Programs

Incorporate assessments into bootcamps, challenges and other programs to evaluate results and initiate conversations regarding additional services.

Promote Analyst Certification

Add the Inciteful Fitness and Weight Analyst certification to staff credentials to reinforce their expertise and generate more assessments with current clients.

Improve Marketing & Programming


Build Prospect Profiles

Leverage assessment results to build profiles of prospects who are most likely to convert in your sales process and renew, then use to focus marketing  and grade sales pipelines.

Develop Targeted Messaging

Refine positioning, marketing messages and sales scripting to reflect the needs and express motivations of the highest converting prospect groups.

Create Winning Programs

Leverage Inciteful membership analytics to systematically identify needs across your client base so you can develop new offerings that keep clients engaged.

Upgrade One-On-One Coaching

Create more personal and goal-focused coaching or training interactions that make your client feel known and supported by using Inciteful diagnostic data and reports to guide sessions.

Customize Group Sessions

Use Inciteful group analytics to gain insights into the distribution of abilities and needs in groups then modify content and delivery to help clients get the best experience and results.