Guided & Self-Directed Consultations

Digital roadmaps for your sales process.

Increase enrollment and purchase size.


It's (well past) time to reinvent consultations.

Give consumers the digital sales experience they expect -- and need.

Sales consultations have escaped modernization for decades, even as every other process in your business -- from marketing to service delivery -- has been dramatically improved with digitalization & hybridization. 

Inciteful finally gives you a scalable digital platform for consultations.


Guide prospective members through a personalized, best practice-driven online consultation that is dynamically generated based on their Goal and Activity Profile -- or let them review on their own and enable self-purchasing.

Use digital presentations with scripting prompts that include needs analysis results, highlights of your brand and offerings, and automated recommendations.

SELL Module

Key Capabilities

Consultations that convert.

Goal & Activity Profile NeedsScan

The Goal & Activity Profile NeedsScan builds on the Body Analysis NeedsScan results, efficiently capturing the information that you absolutely need to have in any effective consultation.

Takes just two minutes to complete, making it convenient to administer just prior to an in-person or remote consultation.


Goal & Activity Profile NeedsCoach

The Goal & Activity Profile NeedsCoach is an interactive presentation that allows you to sequentially review Goal & Activity Profile results -- demonstrating your understanding of their objectives, history and preferences. 

Present contextualized scores with brief descriptions, detailed visualizations and informative dashboards.



PrequaliFind is a research tool that provides the option to automatically augment needs analysis data with publicly available consumer information (U.S. data only).

Instantly appended, you can use this supplemental data to support sales prioritization, recommendations and follow-up activities.



Create target personas based on demographic and needs analysis data for your ideal customer profiles and marketing avatars.  

Dynamically identify prospects and members who match one or more personas to improve sales outcomes and marketing content. 



BrandExplain lets you share information about your approach, team, facility and member stories to build credibility and excitement.

Embed a sales presentation or video to tell your story, and share images, videos and profiles of your team, facility and members. 



NeedsTarget is a tool for configuring and automatically delivering service recommendations based on demographics and needs analysis results.

Create a list of all services, products & promotions available to prospects then select the criteria for triggering recommendations. You can also enable links for direct purchase. 


SELL Module


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