Sales Incite

With Inciteful you can answer the three most important sales questions before even sitting down with a prospect for a consult -- Are they serious? Are they qualified? What do they need?



Visualize prospect fitness and weight goals, understand their key motivators, review their recent efforts, and evaluate their degree of urgency to purchase, so you know in advance which services are most likely to match their commitment level.



Review available financial information for your prospect, including household income, employment, education, home ownership and more, so you know in advance which services are likely to be in a range of affordability (feature currently available in U.S. only).



Receive comprehensive diagnostic analysis related to prospect fitness and weight, so you can pinpoint prospect challenges in advance, personalize your recommendations, and position your own services as the ideal solution to help them reach their goals.


Personal Incite

Once your new client is on board, provide them with expert advice and coaching using the Inciteful suite of twelve fitness and weight diagnostic reports, elevating the quality and content of your one-on-one interactions.

Fitness Diagnostic Reports


Weight Diagnostic Reports


Group Incite

Use Inciteful group diagnostics to create real-time profiles of your classes and small group sessions so that you can customize the experience and improve results for participants.


Customize Group Training Delivery

Assign clients to groups in advance, or check clients in for each session and use the group diagnostic profile to guide your delivery approach.

      Marketing Incite

      Your database of assessments becomes an invaluable asset as it grows, enabling you to conduct needs-based segmentation of your clients and prospects using Inciteful marketing diagnostics, and revealing ways to improve your messaging and offerings.

      Develop New Programming & Products

      Filter your contacts by demographic and diagnostic data to analyze their needs and reveal opportunities to innovate your marketing and programs.