Inciteful includes a suite of four advanced online assessments.

Share the assessments that best support your sales process & services with prospects & clients.

Deliver insights that establish your expertise, drive sales & increase retention.

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Body Analysis

Completion Time: Less than 1 Minute


Generate body metrics and reports for BMI, Body Fat, Waist-Height Ratio, VO2 Max, HR Max & HR Zones, Calorie Needs and Macro Needs. Capture, markup and compare progress photos and show potential results using the transformation tool.


Body Analysis Dashboard



Goal & Activity Profile

Completion Time: 2 Minutes


Generate metrics and personalized reports for fitness and weight goals, recent physical activity and weight loss efforts, motivation for making changes, perceived obstacles to success, injuries and relevant health conditions.


Profile Dashboard



Fitness Diagnostic

Completion Time: 3 Minutes


Project overall fitness level, body and core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and balance, plus get 12 proprietary Inciteful fitness scores and 6 personalized reports for even greater diagnostic depth.


Fitness Dashboards



Weight Diagnostic

Completion Time: 4 Minutes


Capture metrics that reveal client weight challenges including weight cycling history and recent weight changes, plus get 12 proprietary Inciteful weight scores and 6 personalized reports for unique insight into client needs.

Weight Dashboards



Custom Recommendations


Enter your complete service and product menu for each of your locations in the Inciteful system, and configure standardized recommendations for your prospects and members based on assessment results.


Services & Recommendations


Group Analytics


Use Inciteful group analytics to create real-time profiles of your classes and small group sessions so that you can customize the experience and improve results for participants.


Group Creation Tool


      Membership Analytics


      Conduct needs-based segmentation of your clients and prospects using demographics or assessment results, revealing ways to improve your offerings.


      Segment Creation Tool