Inciteful is a digital consultation platform that automates the membership sales process and improves conversion.

With your own Consultation Engine™, you can customize the three essential steps of an effective consultation --



Deploy the most advanced fitness & nutrition needs assessment available.


NeedsScan is a suite of four digital assessments of increasing depth that take between one minute and ten minutes to complete. Administer in person or remotely.  

  • Share Assessment

    Share link to mobile-friendly online assessment using QR code, email or text, or administer on your own device.

  • Prospect Completes Online

    Prospect gets instant access to assessment on any internet-enabled device, whether they are on-site or remote.

  • Get Immediate Notification

    Receive an alert upon assessment completion by your prospect so you know they’re ready for the next step.



PrequaliFind is a research tool that provides the option to automatically augment prospect data with publicly available consumer information before a consultation (U.S. data only).

  • Establish Prospect Identity

    Prospect assessment registration information is used to trigger reference to public third party data sources.

  • Automatic Data Match

    Searches for lifestyle and other relevant consumer data are conducted before prospect completes assessment.

  • Profile Expansion

    When available, matching data is instantly added to the prospect profile for review by your sales team prior to consultation.




Coach your prospects using personalized scores and introduce your brand.


NeedsCoach is an interactive presentation that allows you to sequentially review assessment results with your prospects, including body analysis, goals, motivation and more.

  • Contextualize Results

    Present prospect scores relative to their personal history and relevant benchmarks.

  • Dynamically Educate

    Use brief descriptions or detailed visualizations based on prospect interest.

  • Outline Implications

    Display dashboard of prospect needs as foundation for next steps.



BrandExplain lets you to share information about your approach, team, facility and member stories - then capture prospect feedback about their consultation.

  • Position Brand

    Embed a sales presentation or video to tell your story and how you help members.

  • Build Excitement

    Share descriptions, images and videos of your team, facility and members.

  • Collect Feedback

    Continuously improve your consultation experience by soliciting prospect feedback.




Intelligently recommend services & follow up based on prospect needs.


NeedsTarget is a tool for configuring and automatically delivering service recommendations based on demographics and assessment results.

  • Build Menu

    Create list of all services, products & promotions available to prospects.

  • Determine Criteria

    Select the criteria for triggering recommendations based on demographics or assessment results.

  • Configure Recommendations

    Set up specific service recommendations and enable links for direct purchase.



DripClose offers the option to trigger a sequence of informative assessment-based messages to prospects who don't purchase at their consultation.   

  • Update Status

    Indicate consultation outcome in prospect record.

  • Determine Sequence

    Select assessment content to be shared by email with prospect.

  • Trigger Drip

    Initiate follow-up content sequence to prompt prospect purchase.