Onboarding & Progress Evaluations

Give members the right start.

Stay relevant and valuable.


Membership enrollment is just the beginning.

Reach your revenue potential by integrating & retaining members.

Onboarding members and conducting regular progress evaluations strengthens member relationships and improves their results -- but until now these activities have been difficult to implement consistently. 

Inciteful allows you to digitalize & scale your onboarding & progress evaluations.


Help your members to navigate and utilize your full range of services when they first join -- and as they progress on their fitness & nutrition journey.

Recommend services that provide the most member benefit while generating added revenue through up-selling,  cross-selling and longer retention.

GROW Module

Key Capabilities

Translate needs into revenue.

Fitness & Weight Diagnostics NeedsScans

The Fitness & Weight Diagnostics NeedsScans build on the results from the Body Analysis and Goal & Activity Profile NeedsScans -- delivering a detailed evaluation of condition, history, behaviors and more.

Takes just 3-4 minutes each to complete, so they can be quickly administered prior to onboarding sessions or progress evaluations.


Fitness & Weight Diagnostics NeedsCoach

The Fitness & Weight Diagnostics NeedsCoach is an interactive presentation that allows you to sequentially review Fitness & Weight Diagnostics results -- demonstrating your detailed insight into their condition, trajectory and success factors. 

Present summaries of key scores & proprietary metrics with brief descriptions and informative dashboards for quick reference and discussion.



EvaluationView goes beyond the NeedsCoach presentation with progress photos, more detailed graphical summaries, written reports and results histories for each NeedsScan type.  

Educate your members and keep track of their progress as they complete needs analyses over time. 



Schedule small group sessions, check in participants then review key roster data and distributions of results from the most recent NeedsScans. 

See how to adapt each small group session so that they get the best and most personal experience.



The Certified Fitness & Weight Analyst online self-study curriculum is available exclusively to GROW Module users so you can add to your knowledge, expert position and effectiveness. 

Includes 20 self-paced video modules totaling 2 hours of educational content with written review and certificate awarded. 


GROW Module


Build more profitable relationships.


Onboard & Evaluate Progress

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Weight Diagnostic NeedsScan

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Weight Diagnostic NeedsCoach (Results View)

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Fitness & Weight Analyst Online Course

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