Our Mission

We believe that the most profitable and lasting member relationships in fitness, nutrition and weight loss are built on the foundation of compelling and effective initial consultations, onboarding sessions & progress evaluations.

These conversations should capture a holistic set of information and provide education that establishes the context for the member relationship, enabling improved recommendations and ultimately better results.

That said, the standard "analog" approach to prospective member consultations, new member onboarding and existing member progress evaluations has remained largely the same for decades, even as technology and consumer expectations have advanced dramatically.

So, we’re on a mission to reinvent the way that these interactions are conducted by using technology to deliver deep, best practice-driven experiences that are more successful in enrolling and retaining members.

Through our expert consultation software, we enable our subscribers to elevate the content and quality of their sales consultations and onboarding sessions, differentiate their offerings and personalize recommendations while also reducing staff training costs..

Our Experience

We understand firsthand the central challenge of getting individuals to take action to improve their fitness and weight, particularly through memberships that require a significant investment of time, effort and dollars.

In fact, across the past decade we've directly enrolled tens of thousands of members into high-commitment, premium weight loss and fitness programs, conducting hundreds of thousands of one-on-one sales consultations – in person, by phone and online.

We bring this awareness of the challenges faced by fitness, nutrition and weight loss professionals -- and by prospective members -- to the development of our sales consultation, onboarding & progress evaluation technology.