Expert Sales Software

For Fitness & Weight Loss

Profile your prospects and clients. Transform your consultations. Revolutionize your offerings. Rocket your revenue.


Sales System for Fitness & Weight Loss

From single-location operators to global chains, Inciteful transforms sales consultations, service delivery and programming so you can gain and maintain client commitment at any scale.

Gyms & Health Clubs

Establish your membership sales advisers & trainers as go-to experts for your clients.

Fitness Studios

Show how your sessions and classes support client fitness and weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Centers

Gain unmatched insight into client eating and lifestyle challenges to personalize plans.

Stand Out and Sell More

Rapidly proliferating new formats and intensifying competition make standing out more critical - and more difficult - than ever. Inciteful helps fitness and weight loss professionals to establish their expertise, differentiate their services and increase sales.


Show Rate Increase

For Consultations Using Inciteful*



Close Rate Increase

For Consultations Using Inciteful*

*results from sample of 1,200 consultations

How Inciteful Works

Your prospective client completes a 3-minute online pre-consultation assessment. You instantly receive results that help you educate, motivate and drive sales, shifting valuable consult time from collecting data to building credibility and connection.


  • Promote Digital Diagnostic

    Generate more consultations by offering advanced digital assessment.

  • Provide Pre-Consult Link

    Text or email link to online assessment, or operate in walk-up mode using your own device.

  • Review Results

    Use prescreening, prequalification and assessment data to evaluate prospect quality and needs.

  • Share Inciteful Dashboard

    Walk prospective client through their personal metrics and discuss implications.

  • Present Recommendations

    Relate recommendations to assessment results and create the credible promise of transformation.

  • Leverage Diagnostic Reports

    Use Inciteful diagnostic reports (12) as enrollment incentive, follow-up content or coaching tool.

    Drive Revenue Across the Client Lifecycle

    Inciteful diagnostics provide the building blocks for growth by establishing a deep understanding of clients that inflects lead generation, accelerates sales conversion, enhances service delivery, drives program innovation and increases renewals.



    Generate New Leads

    Use Inciteful at events such as open houses and health fairs to generate local leads and create a personalized incentive for prospects to come into your facility to learn about their results.

    Revive Prior Leads

    Rekindle prior prospect interest and re-establish a relationship that leads to purchase of your services by initiating contact with an Inciteful assessment and consultation invite.


    Lead Cultivation


    Engage New Leads

    Once prospects complete the assessment, they view your phone number and booking calendar for consult scheduling, propelling them forward in the sales process.

    Improve Targeting

    Leverage Inciteful results to build profiles of prospects who are most likely to convert in your sales process, then use for targeted marketing, prospect grading and pipeline value estimation.


    Consult Conversion


    Improve Consult Quality

    Ask walk-in prospects and scheduled appointments to complete an assessment before their tour or consult so you can deeply understand their needs in advance.

    Offer Consult Incentive

    Make the assessment itself or direct access to Inciteful dashboards and reports a bonus for those who attend a consultation or purchase your services.


    Client Onboarding


    Enhance Evaluations

    Broaden the scope of your current evaluations to include lifestyle factors, eating patterns, weight history and much more by adding Inciteful assessments.

    Customize Plans

    As your staff masters Inciteful assessment content, they will gain the skills and knowledge to translate diagnostic results into more effective client plans.


    Service Delivery


    Upgrade One-on-One Coaching

    Create more personal and goal-focused coaching or training interactions that make your client feel known and supported by using Inciteful diagnostic data and reports.

    Personalize Group Sessions

    Get insight into the distribution of abilities and needs in groups and classes so that you can modify delivery to help clients get the best experience and results.


    Retention & Renewal


    Innovate Programming

    Leverage Inciteful marketing analytics to identify needs across your prospects and clients so you can develop programs and products that attract and retain more members.

    Re-Engage Clients

    Invite clients to take Inciteful assessments as often as monthly so that you can monitor their needs and goals, and naturally re-open conversations that lead to upselling and renewals.