To support fitness and weight loss professionals during this challenging time, we're providing Inciteful software to you FREE for 90 days so you can deliver immediate value to your current clients and gain new clients even if you can't meet with them in person. You'll have full access to Inciteful for all of your locations and users with no obligation.
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Expert Online Software for

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Adding remote offerings?

Transitioning your services from in-person to online?

Inciteful can help.

Make clients feel known through personalized digital assessments.

Stay connected to clients and track progress through regular reassessments.

Acquire new clients through virtual consultations.

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Sell More and Retain Clients Longer

Inciteful quickly generates comprehensive assessments that take you beyond transactional enrollment and superficial evaluations, building the foundation for lasting relationships based on a deep understanding of clients.

Gyms & Health Clubs

Establish your membership sales advisers & trainers as go-to experts for your clients.

Fitness Studios & Trainers

Show how your sessions and classes support client fitness and weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Centers & Coaches

Gain unmatched insight into client eating and lifestyle challenges to personalize plans.

Easily Administer In-Person or Remotely

Inciteful includes four assessments of increasing depth. Administer the version that best supports your sales process and services, and instantly receive results that educate, motivate and drive sales.


  • Share Assessment

    Email link to mobile-friendly assessment or administer in walk-up mode using your own device.

  • Review Dashboards & Reports

    Explain the individualized results for each assessment and discuss the implications.

  • Present Recommendations

    Use results and diagnostics to support your personalized service and product recommendations

    Rapidly Build Credibility and Connection

    Until now, information gathering during consults and progress assessments has been inefficient, inconsistent and incomplete. Inciteful saves time that you can now use to better demonstrate your expertise and concern.

    Body Composition

    Less than 1 Minute to Complete

    Goal & Activity Profile

    2 Minutes to Complete

    Fitness Diagnostic

    3 Minutes to Complete

    Weight Diagnostic

    4 Minutes to Complete

    Deliver Memorable and Positive Experiences

    Inciteful assessments capture rich data while avoiding the hands-on measurement -- calipers, measuring tapes, public weigh-ins -- and the personal questioning that can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

    100% Awkwardness-Free

    100% Compelling

    100% Embarrassment-Free

    100% Personalized

    100% Discomfort-Free

    100% Engaging


    Stand Out in a Crowded Market

    Rapidly proliferating new formats and intensifying competition make standing out more critical -- and more difficult -- than ever. Inciteful assessments establish your expertise, differentiate your services and grow revenue.


    Show Rate Increase

    For Consultations Using Inciteful*


    Close Rate Increase

    For Consultations Using Inciteful*

    *results from sample of 1,200 consultations